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Due to COVID-19, all workshops and classes will be held online.  Don't miss out. We'll see you there!

Volunteer Needs

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered services to children and families in need. Volunteers can be individuals or groups that wish to donate their time. All volunteers are integral in helping us meet the needs of children in crisis. It’s simple, really. Love changes lives and we can't do this without you.
Tech/Cyber Collaborator
  This isn't your typical tech support volunteer. We are looking for someone who dabbles in software development and data analytics. Someone who supports our mission to #endchildtrafficking using technology and wants to play a major part in that.
Virtual Volunteer
If the last 6 months have shown us anything, it's that we must be flexible. The virtual opportunities to help out really are endless. You could create/share posts on social media; organize a clothing or toy drive; knit scarves, design soaps and put that etsy account to use; or even make and decorate snack bags for families.
Outreach Volunteer
Outreach volunteers are missionaries, prayer warriors, advocates, friends and family. You get out of your comfort zone and share with others who are in desperate need of the gospel message by using your gifts and talents for Kingdom purposes.
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Grace Boxes
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