Advocacy - Policy Change - Legislation

Effective advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint.

We achieve changes in policies, rules and laws through ongoing advocacy, persistent action and coalition-building. Our volunteers pound the pavement, attend meetings, rallies and public hearings. We serve on committees, advisory boards and task forces, make phone calls, write letters, distribute fact sheets and fliers to champion our fight for the safety of children. We engage community leaders, elected officials and legislators, issue public service announcements and work closely with service providers, law enforcement officials and law makers to create sustained change in behavior, policy and practice.

Modeled after the work of FREE THE SLAVES,  Extract Effect understands the importance of evidence-based methods in the fight to end trafficking so we are researching the scope, impact and root causes of child trafficking, abduction, kidnapping, thrown-away and runaway children in the communities where we work. Utilizing their proven model of ‘systematic monitoring and evaluation’ of our key programs to document our impact and improve our techniques, we are able indicate how effectively our programs are liberating children, educating the vulnerable, and bringing perpetrators to justice.’