The road to recovery is anything but easy.​

No two stories are the same. Yet the responses are almost always the same: fear, guilt, a sense of defilement, shame, and endless post-traumatic stress.

Our vision for Elevate Ministry is to network with churches and other prayer ministries who share our passion to see God glorified in all the earth. We collaborate to build teams of intercessory prayer warriors with emphasis on prayer for the lost souls of humanity, the expansion of the church worldwide, and the abolition of human trafficking globally. We are pulling down demonic strongholds and praying for God’s kingdom to invade the area.

Elevate educates religious leaders about human trafficking from a Christian perspective, equipping them with needed knowledge and skills to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children at the local level. Rather it be for your church, school, or community group… Elevate helps teach you how to fight against modern-day slavery.

Email info@extracteffect.org to request the online toolkit, sample presentation, and leader’s guide to help you get started. We encourage you to use Elevate resources to organize workshops, discussion groups, prayer sessions, community outreach, service activities, advocacy campaigns, and hear directly from Elevate leaders working to prevent trafficking and protect victims in their communities.