We have an immediate need for people who can show the love of Christ to children who have suffered trauma.

Foster Homes

Not every child has the benefit of a loving, caring mother and father to teach them valuable lessons and help them navigate the ups and downs of life. In the U.S. alone, 100,000 children are in need of adoption from foster care, especially older children and children with special placement needs. Meanwhile, an opioid crisis is leaving children without parents at an alarming rate.

Many children have experienced severe trauma and/or loss and they need people to speak truth and love into their lives and provide guidance during their formative years.

These are children who are unable to reunite with their families, and many of them are older children or children with special placement needs.

To be able to become a foster parent, you:

  • Must be at least 21 years old and have lived in the community for at least six months;.
  • Must meet your county’s home safety requirements, have sufficient bedrooms, and reliable transportation; and
  • Must demonstrate emotional stability and have supportive character references; be financially stable; be able to successfully pass background screening requirements (fingerprinting is required); agree to discipline without physical punishment; be willing to work with social workers/case workers, other professionals, and the child’s biological family; attend a 35-hour foster parent training class; 

The state of Ohio provides monthly subsidies to foster parents/families that helps pay for a child’s expenses. Children in foster care are eligible for medical coverage through Medicaid. Learn more about the state’s commitment to foster care, current board rates, etc. by clicking here

What is required to be a host family?

Family Unity – Everyone in the home will need to buy-in to this calling. During the application process, we will also advise and support you.

Time to be a parent – Our clients take time, a parent will need time to drive them to appointments, counseling, GED or school classes, lawyers, advocates, Redeemed, Drop-in and shopping. More than that, they need time to talk and be around. Only through large quantities of time, will you get to quality time.

A room – Our client need their own room and at least 9-12 months in the home. The family is a new support system that will be a possible lifelong commitment to the overall health and welfare of our clients. This should be considered like an adoption.

A willingness to learn – even if you have been a parent for 50 years we will train you and support you throughout the stay of our client. New skills will be needed for the special challenges ahead, and support to work through them healthily.


What are the steps involved?

  • Learn more about Human Trafficking
  • Talk with your family, spiritual advisers and friends
  • Arrange an appointment with one of our staff
  • Go to a training class

How do I learn more?

Call or email us for an application or meeting. We would love to arrange a meeting and answer all your questions.

Host Homes

Nationally there are only five shelters specifically for domestic minor victims of sex trafficking, none of which are in Ohio. In addition, a program may not work best for all survivors.

Some survivors need to belong to a family and to be loved sacrificially to be able to begin the healing process. They typically have depression, post traumatic stress, trauma bonding, brainwashing and many other special needs. They often have a history of abuse within the home and lack trust for adults.

Our population requires special loving care to be able to choose a healthy lifestyle and live a good life. This can be a long term commitment. A loving family can work miracles, but this calling is not for everybody.


Global Family Needs

Research shows that children thrive when they belong to a loving family. So, rather than placing children in orphanages, we find a family in a child’s country who shares their culture and language.


Refugees & Immigrants

Nearly 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes; a number greater than the combined populations of California and Texas. Children, who comprise about 30% of the world’s population, account for half of the world’s refugees.


At least 123,000 children are currently waiting for permanent families

Strengthening Families

Every child belongs in a nurturing, protective family. Sometimes, a loving foster family is the safest place for children who need temporary care and protection. But in many cases, we can help a child’s biological parents become better equipped to care for them. And that can be a far better outcome for everyone involved.

To support families, we need to make foster care prevention a national priority. This means increasing the budget for prevention programs at all levels, as well as building more intentional networks of support for struggling families. There is a severely disproportionate amount of children of color in the foster care system. Extract Effect is bringing awareness to the issue and forming partnerships in order to erase the stigma associated with becoming a foster parent.

Our communities have the power to reverse the foster care crisis. Inspired by our faith, we believe all children and families in our communities deserve to be loved, connected, and safe.