We’re thrilled you're interested in becoming an advocate. Your efforts can make a difference in the key issues affecting children and families. The world is watching our actions, more than listening to our words.

Get Trained

Education is the key. Take Guardians of Freedom™ and understand how essential protecting children is to our future.

Be #fearless for education in your community.

Maybe you’ve already completed our Guardians of Freedom™ trafficking training, or you work in child protection. You understand how prevalent child exploitation is in our communities and that prevention training works.
Advocating the need for training in your family, church, organization, and community at large is vital to not only spreading awareness, but to ending child trafficking once and for all.

Be #fearless for education and bring knowledge & prevention to your community.

Start A Community Initiative

Bring together other concerned citizens, organizations, and your local government to make prevention a priority.