Our Mission

Through rescue, prevention, survivor restoration, cultural change and community transformation programs, we work to end trafficking and exploitation by empowering the voices of vulnerable and exploited children, and revolutionizing the systems and policies that impact them.

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Our Vision

We envision a world passionately opposed to the trafficking and exploitation of children. A world where communities are committed to restoring survivors to lives of freedom, purpose and joy.

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Our Values


We are committed to transparency and authenticity. We demonstrate integrity through honesty, awareness and our constant walk in holiness.




We partner with trusted agencies and service providers to address the complexities of this issue. We are stronger together.    




We work in places and on issues where success may not be quick or easy. We are not afraid to take calculated risks. We walk by faith, not by sight. As Christian abolitionists we believe trafficking survivors deserve the opportunity to be restored to dignity and purpose, regardless of their faith or system of belief.




We value the knowledge of those most directly affected by trafficking. We acknowledge those who have gone before us and who work alongside us. We welcome diverse perspectives to the table, refining our approach by listening to others with experience. We are forever learners: hearing, thinking, and responding respectfully.




It’s not always about fairytale endings… it’s about getting back up when you’ve been knocked down more times than you can count. It’s about weathering the storm and understanding that everyone’s story is different. We’re committed to supporting their journey of struggle, beauty, and humanity. Our support is not time limited and we embrace each survivor’s choice to choose their journey. 

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We accomplish healing through our

We rescue children from harm and bring them home safely using our Freedom Force. Our team’s specialized experience in investigating, intelligence gathering and analysis allows us to track, locate, rescue and protect the world’s most vulnerable population from further harm, so the healing process may begin.

Extract Effect provides referrals to one-on-one, family, and group trauma-informed counseling. EE offers therapeutic support groups and classes for survivors of CSEC, abduction, kidnapping and those at high-risk.  Our professionals are trained to work with victims of trauma and trafficking in order to address each individual as a whole.

*Coming soon, Extract Effect will be opening up Saving Grace, which will serve as a hub for all of our activities with the children. We are planning cooking classes, expressive arts therapy, music lessons, animal-assisted therapy and a garden as a part of restoration. 

Being one of the only organizations in Dayton that provides mentoring for this specific demographic, cultivating trust is vital. Our mentors maintain contact with the children on a weekly basis. We believe in building a personal relationship in order to walk through life with them. In addition to survivor mentoring, we offer mentoring for single parents and at-risk & vulnerable youth. Extract Effect takes a holistic approach to each activity in order to encompass spiritual, mental, behavioral, and physical care.

We believe education is vital for our children on their journey of healing and restoration. Extract Effect has witnessed survivors try to integrate back into the typical school setting with little success due to trauma, social unrest, and various setbacks. Therefore, we will work with each child to make sure their education is a priority; connecting them with resources to complete their education and achieve higher education goals through our Educational Initiative.

Extract Effect offers training in a high-demand IT trade for single-parent households, survivors of CSEC, and those at high-risk. Our trainers are in the fight to tackle the root causes of societal inequities, close the race and gender wage gap, end generational poverty and make sure each individual has the necessary training and skills to thrive with their families.

Extract Effect believes in the importance of awareness. Engaging with the community about the realities of child exploitation is one of the keys to ending trafficking. Our team educates schools, churches, businesses, providers, law enforcement, public officials and many other community organizations all across the world, bringing awareness to the dangers and realities of commercial sexual exploitation of children. We have also been able to integrate, Step Up & Step Out as well as Guardians of Freedom, to our youth and the ‘at-risk’, which equips them to recognize the tricks and lures of traffickers. Our goal is to keep as many youth as possible from falling into the traps of sex trafficking.

Extract Effect understands that effective advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint. We achieve changes in policies, rules and laws through ongoing advocacy, persistent action and coalition-building. Our volunteers pound the pavement, attend meetings, rallies and public hearings. We serve on committees, advisory boards and task forces, make phone calls, write letters, distribute fact sheets and fliers to champion our fight for the safety of children. We engage community leaders, elected officials and legislators, issue public service announcements and work closely with service providers, law enforcement officials and law makers to create sustained change in behavior, policy and practice.

Extract Effect understands the importance of evidence-based methods in the fight to end trafficking, so we are researching the scope, impact and root causes of child trafficking, abduction, kidnapping, thrown-away and runaway children in the communities where we work.

Modeled after the work of FREE THE SLAVES, we are utilizing their model of ‘systematic monitoring and evaluation’ of our key programs to document our impact and improve our techniques. By doing this, we are able indicate how effectively our programs are liberating children, educating the vulnerable, and bringing perpetrators to justice.