Happy Monday, freedom fighters! We are so excited to share the launch of our rebrand and new website with you today! We have spent the last several months working to create a brand and website that reflects the specialized and elevated experience we provide each child. 

From the heart-shaped Earth to the timeless yet modern aesthetic – we hope our holistic design and online home captures the survivor-focused and Christ-centered approach we take in executing every interaction! 

In honor of launch day, I want to give you a look at the vision and
intention behind this exciting change – and what you can expect from us
moving forward! 

The Vision

We knew when the rebranding processed began that we had to somehow show the importance of our mission but we didn’t have a clear picture of what we wanted our new brand to look like. 

We did however know what we wanted it to feel like. 

We wanted survivors to feel that they would be well taken care of from day
one with our team by their side. We wanted them to feel safe and hope
throughout all of our interactions. We wanted families to feel at ease
knowing what we can and will do to help them. We wanted children to feel
hope again.   

The survivors’ experience is, and always has been, at the center of our work. With that in mind, we wanted our branding and website to be relatable, natural and warm. 

We couldn’t possibly be more excited with the final product and only hope that it resonates just as much with you, too!

The Intention Behind Our New Brand

So why the change? 

If we’re blessed enough to have had you alongside us since the beginning in Ohio (eXtract LLC – 2016), you’ve witnessed just about every change possible within a business.

We initially began as just a private investigations + security contracting firm specializing in missing persons (hence the “Extract Investigations” name – 2018). Nadine, our founder, knew that we could help even more children by forming a charitable organization, so we brought the best of both worlds together. In March of 2019, Extract Effect was established!  

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in just a few short years in business, it’s that change is okay! In fact, it’s more than okay – it is inevitable. It is good for the vision in your heart to evolve and transform. Because the minute it stops, is the moment you’ve stopped growing. 

As our organization has grown and evolved over the years, so too has our experience and the families we serve! Because of that, we wanted our brand and web design to be reflective of our genuine approach and the elevated experience we provide each survivor.

What You Can Expect

We may have a new look, but we are the same passionate, dedicated, detail-loving group of abolitionists! We will continue to investigate instances of missing children and tips regarding sexual exploitation of children for the Dayton and surrounding areas (we travel, too!!), but you can also expect to see more workshops and resources for prevention, more education for the community and we’ll of course continue to focus on our survivors just as we always have! 

So cheers to this new chapter!! 

We invite you to take a look around our new website, and hope you love it as much as we do! 

P.S. Stay tuned for a video we’ll be sharing on Instagram tomorrow. Be sure to follow along at @extracteffect for all the insight! 

Extract = Trained investigators working to abolish trafficking


Effect= Our dedication and commitment to rescue children from harm