"Thou drewest near in the day that I called upon thee: thou saidst, fear not. O Lord, thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast redeemed my life." - LAMENTATIONS 3:57-58​

Let the Healing Begin

This is where the long yet joyful healing process begins. Rescued children receive education, vocational training, counseling and healthcare, spiritual guidance and, most importantly, love.

At Extract Effect, survivors reclaim their power. Our survivor mentoring program, Redeemed, helps them rebuild their lives, find their voices and become leaders in the fight to end commercial sexual exploitation.

What is Redeemed?

Survivor- and trauma-informed, holistic, culturally relevant, and strengths-based supports that work to remove these barriers and create a safe, supportive environment with Christian values.
Life Coaches work closely with systems-involved (juvenile justice or child welfare) and non-systems-involved children ages birth – 23 who are highly vulnerable to or already victimized by CSEC to assist with overall stability, including court advocacy, connections to medical and mental health professionals, housing options, educational and vocational programs, and basic needs support.



Cultural Connections

We respect, value and encourage activities which support children to learn about and maintain a connection to their culture, religion and language.

Children with cultural connections have better outcomes as they grow up than those who are not supported in this way. These connections help them to understand where they have come from and to develop their sense of belonging and identity. Redeemed facilitates this through a range of activities, including songs, music, dance, crafts, and storytelling.

How Does It Work?

In order for commercially sexually exploited children to successfully exit the trafficking cycle of abuse and violence, intensive support and services are required. Many exploited youth are prevented from engaging in recovery services due to the stigma and shame associated with their exploitation, low self-esteem as a result of their exploitation and marginalization, and a lack of trust for service providers who may not understand their complex trauma.

So EE’s Life Coaches work with survivors on developing self-identified goals and implementing activities that enable goal achievement. Action steps are concrete and always include connecting survivors to community resources. Support is ongoing and is individualized based on personal goals.

Helping CSEC and vulnerable youth build individualized networks of support is integral to increasing the overall safety and well-being of ourchildren by ensuring they have the knowledge and abilities to access a holistic, child-focused array of community supports at any given time.

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How Can I Become A Redeemed Mentor?

The most important requirement for a mentor is a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We do not make any requirements of our mentees to have any spiritual component of their mentoring relationship, but Extract Effect believes that a survivor of trafficking will only experience complete healing from the trauma they have experienced through the grace Jesus extends.

Our mentors need to be at least 21 years old.

Our mentors need to have capacity in their lives to make a commitment to building a relationship with a survivor over the course of at least two years after they have been matched with a mentee.

A mentor also needs to be able to commit to attend all regularly scheduled Mentor Team Meetings. Our policy documents will provide a comprehensive list of expectations and requirements.

After a mentor has received a match, she will be expected to communicate verbally with her mentee at least once each week and meet in person at least twice each month at a minimum. There are two prayer meetings each year that are also mandatory.

We ask that a mentor be prepared to make a two year commitment to their mentoring relationship after they have been matched with a survivor.

Ideally, a mentor will be matched with only one survivor at a time.

A mentor’s role is to support a survivor on her healing journey. This support is provided in the context of a committed, faithful, and positive relationship.

It is important for our mentors to communicate and meet regularly with the survivor they are matched with. These meetings can occur at coffee shops, restaurants, parks, treatment facilities, jails, and more. The locations of these meetings vary, but the support and encouragement provided can bring hope and healing over time.

A mentor can be a practical support as they help a survivor find resources and therapeutic opportunities for their mentee.

Survivors of human trafficking and other kinds of abuse have experienced extreme forms of trauma. Extract Effect strongly encourages our survivors to work with professional therapists and counselors.

We support survivors in traditional counseling experiences as well as providing opportunities for music, dance, and art.

We also believe that our mentoring relationships can be therapeutic for a survivor. The most common length of a formal mentoring relationship is about two years, but quite often the relationship between a mentor and mentee continue long past the formal support of Extract Effect.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please send an inquiry to our Director, Nadine Jackson via You will be sent more information about our mentor program. After you have looked over that information, you will then need to fill out an application. Your application will be reviewed and a preliminary phone interview will be scheduled.

If we feel that our Mentor Program will be a good fit, you will receive an invitation to our next scheduled mentor training. After attending the mentor training, if you feel called to be a mentor, we will need to conduct a background check and you will begin attending the monthly mentor meetings.

A survivor first meets with our Director to learn more about the Mentor Program and to explore if they would like to be matched with a trained, accountable mentor. If the survivor desires a mentor, the Mentor Director prays that God will reveal the best match with an available mentor. The Mentor Director will then set up a meeting to introduce the mentee to her new mentor.

The survivors that we serve in our mentor program are child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and abduction. 

We want to be a supportive resource for any child or youth survivor of trafficking who is ready to allow someone to come along side them in their healing journey.

We would love to match each mentor with a survivor who lives close to them, but this is not always possible.

For example, we have had mentors living in Miami County that have been matched with survivors living in Montgomery County. It is important that each of our mentors have their own insured vehicle and a valid Drivers License in order to be a mentor.

No prior professional training is required in order to be considered for our mentor program, but we do require that you attend our mentor training as well as continued education trainings as a mentor.

Extract Effect's Response to Covid-19

The health and safety of our community and loved ones is our top priority. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are operating outside of the office. Please give us a call for more information.

You may register for upcoming trainings online. You can submit tips of suspected child abuse, neglect or trafficking, as well as speak with the advocate on-call by contacting our office at +1 937-702-3509